Model Question with Answer Key of Online IOF Chargemen Non Tech Mechanical Mega test

The online mega test for Chargemen NON TECH and Mechanical Tech which was held in 22 OCT and 2 NOV has successfully organised. its time to verify your question attempts with Answer key.

NON TECHNICAL test included all topic of IOF Syllabus Comman for all enginnering  branch

The test originally content the pattern as per Indian ordinance factory including little non tech portion. Computer Knowledge on Zero level. Arithmetic logic, Mechanical engineering basic as per diploma level which is required for the IOF exam
Motive of test is to prepare the exam in better way. so that everyone crack the exam easily. the test of iof exam is still not announced so why not we take the advantage of this time. you should carefully revise whole pattern again. prepare yourself with the test series and practice test.

In future we will keep posting the online test series for every exam of Mechanical engineering so required to visit the site regularly for further updates related exam

NON TECH QUESTION PAPER                                                                   ANSWER KEY 

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Recommended Book List for IOF Technical and Non Technical Exam Purchase From Amazon

Finally Indian Ordinance Factoryof Exam date is declared its time to prepare hardly in minimum time everyone can crack exam easily here we are posting the recommended books for iof technical as well as non technical Preparation

This book content all details syllabus of iof exam. all included topics as well as multiple type questions for quick preparations

Go to Through Below link For Purchasing this massive book for optimism and quick preparation Dont waste your valuable time ...


Preparation hard is the only way to success,

Solution Manual of Basic and Applied Engineering Thermodynamics by P K Nag Download PDF free

Solution Manual of Basic and Applied Engineering Thermodynamics by P K nag has neat and fully explained methodology towards problem solving technique. the best ways of studying thermodynamics is through problems. you must know how to apply thermodynamics concepts. to  do this you must required to do practice through numerical so anyone can easily learn concepts. here we providing the link for downloading the solution manual of engineering thermodynamics by P K nag


About the Author

P K Nag was a professor of mechanical engineering in IIT kharagpur during their peak. presently he is formerly professor of Aliah University, kolkata. He is a contributer for providing quality concept to new generation engineering students. his every book Basic and Applied Thermodynamics, Engineering Thermodynamics, Powerplant Engineering, Heat and mass transfer is published by tata mcgrawhill and greatly popular among all the faculty as well as engineering student in India as well as worldwide. he also a member of American Society of Mechanical Engineering ASME, and Life member of Institution of Engineers, India

About the Solution Manual 

The Solution manual of this book has cleanly and readers friendly manner and student can learn the basic as well as advanced concept which is essential for thermodynamics.It contains the probable questions of IES, IAS, IFS, and GATE examinations. after reading this manual u will not have any fear about thermodynamics. 
the given file is in pdf format can downloaded by mobile user also 

Contain of the Solution manual of Basic and Applied thermodynamics

      Chapter 1
     Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
Work and Heat Transfer 
    Chapter 4
First Law of Thermodynamics
    Chapter 5
First Law Applied to Flow Process
    Chapter 6        
Second Law of Thermodynamics
Solution Manual of Basic and Applied Engineering Thermodynamics by P K Nag Download PDF free,solved
                                                                                   About The Author :  P K Nag 
                                                                                   Pages: 998      Size  :  4 MB
                                                                                           DOWNLOAD FILE                                 
     Chapter 7 
    Chapter 8
Availability and Irreversibility
    Chapter 9
Properties of Pure Substance
    Chapter 10
Thermodynamics relations
    Chapter 11
Vapour Power Cycles
    Chapter 12
Gas Power Cycles
    Chapter 13
Refrigeration Cycles

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Power Plant Engineering By P K Nag Download ebook PDF Free

Power Plant Engineering is the essential subject for Thermal Power engineer as well as a great mechanical engineering it is the study of Power generation through mechanical methods. this subjects includes the conventional as well as unconventional methods of energy generation. We all know the energy and light is a our important need for human survival. we cant think to live without power. as it our basic need
so it is essential to maximize the production of power so that each and every people of country take the advantage. for having a good mechanical engineer it is essential to keep in mind power production methods should best and not expensive. Also not to harm our beautiful ecosystem.

Power Plant Engineering by P K NAG matter it content  

The book published by tata mcgrawhill publication power plant engineering author p k nag has best book for power plant subjects. this book deal with the how power is produced through effective methods. this illustrated the all possible concept and method efficiently. 

This book contain the economic cost analysis of power production, economic heat rate analysis 
economic fuel consumption analysis. various types load calculation. load curves estimation variable load consideration plant selection and its effective design

this book also provide fuel and combustion analysis. and their heating parameters values

Power Plant Engineering By P K Nag Download ebook PDF Free
                                                                               DOWNLOAD LINK
                                                               Author:  P K Nag         Pub: TMH       Pages 998


review of thermodynamics
fuel and combustion analysis
power plant economics and consideration
steam power plant
layout and design of power plant
types of steam generating equipment's
boiler and its various types high and low pressure boiler
critical and non critical boiler
coal handling system pulverizes coal combustion system boiler mountings and accessories
fludized bed combustion system feed water treatment and dust collection system
site selection of steam power plant


general layout and system description components of diesel power plants
performance lubrication system air intake and admission system
supercharging and exhaust system operation and efficiency calculation
comparative study of diesel and steam power plant site selection of diesel power plant


layout and gas turbine plants design gas turbine fuels cogeneration and maintenance of gas turbine
controls and lubrication combined cycle power plants site selection of gas turbine plants


principle of nuclear energy layout and components of nuclear power plants reactions analysis and waste disposal consideration explanation of various types of reactor


principle of hydrology layout and components and design considerations of hydro power plant applications and site selection run off sizes and units maintenance and controls


principle and components of unconventional methods of power production such as wind, solar, geothermal energy methods and its cost analysis tidal power generation


various types of alternators and its efficiency calculation and electrical system

download from above link if you face any problem for download power plant engineering by p k nag ebook comment below to immediate responce

Heat and Mass Transfer 10th by J.P.Holman, Download ebook PDFs free indian edition

Heat and Mass Transfer by J P Holman 10th Edition is very popular book of Heat Transfer. It provides complete treatments of Energy Design Problems such as Conduction, Convection and Radiation Problem. this book is well organised with well illustrations in all respect.

Heat and Mass Transfer 10th Edition by J P holman Download Pdf Ebook 

Heat Transfer is the science which deal with the energy transfer by the virtue of its potential difference. here potential difference is temperature gradient which is responsible for energy conversion
The book of J P holman provide the solution concept of conduction through concrete walls, Natural Convection, & Forced Convection along vertical cyliNder, fully developed fluidized heat transfer, in laminar as well viscous boundary layer.

Heat Transfer by J P Holman as Design Data book

Same book is also referred for Heat Problem design databook. it contains the Practical oriented Problem and with hint. so that readers can easily understand the theoretical as well as numerical concept for same subject. it covers the almost all topics of the given subject as well as extra little concept of thermal engineering. In India it is adapted by souvik bhattacharya (Profesor of IITians Professor). Here are providing the same for downloadable purpose so that one who is not able to purchase book from shop in high cost, can read and download freely

 Heat and Mass Transfer by J.P.Holman, 10th edition Download ebook free

Click Here for downloading        UPDATED DOWNLOAD LINK

                                           AUTHOR: J P Holman                Pages: 769   PDF
                                                                   Edition:      10th

Contain of Heat Transfer by J P Holman 

concept of thermal conductivity
reason of having thermal conductance in metals, non-metals, and fluid
variation of thermal conductivity with temperature
concept of Fourier law
applications of fourier law in real problem
physical applications of real problem and their solutions
applications of biot law
concept of internal and external resistance
gauss seidel Approximation unsteady state problem
isothermal surface
fluid concept in heat problem
heat transfer along flat surface
constant heat flux and boundary layer problem
high heat transfer problem
empirical relations for natural and forced conception 
properties of heating surface such as absorpavity, black surfaces, grey surfaces 
radiosity, algebra of radiation heat transfer emissive power
view factors and Stephen Boltzmann law, shape factors
vertical or natural condensation
tube bank condensation
concept of fouling factors
concept of overall heat transfer coefficient
types of heat exchanger
LMTD method and NTU method of efficiency calculations
comparison of heat exchanger, performance
concept of diffusion  single channel diffusion
Design analysis of Heat transfer and excel solution of problem

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INDIAN ORDINANCE FACTORY IOF CHARGEMEN Mechanical 2010, 2007 Solved Previous year papers download pdf

here we are providing IOF chargemen mechanical previous papers for downloading in pdf IOF is the central govern factory which produced defence equipment for Indian army, Indian navy and airforce. it is subcontributer for the defence equipment after DRDO 

IOF Chargemen  2010, 2007 Solved Previous papers download Free Mechanical Trade

we are posting iof chargemen papers for the previous year Solved Papers 2010, and 2007.this is only place all over the internet where you are first seeing iof papers. i really did hard work for providing such great papers.
Before going to the downloading option. i must want clear that it is only exam which greatly focused on highly knowledge of Production Engineering i.e. forming, casting, welding, tolerance analysis, machining. in this exam the mathematics is so simple and easily solved by 10th standard student 

Mechanical Trade Important Topics For IOF exam

Machining, Single point Cutting tool and Multi point tool analysis
Welding and its Practical Considerations
Tolerance and Standardization
Forming Process, Forging, Extrusion, Powder Metallurgy
Simple Mathematics, Mensuration Geometry and Simple Trigonometry
Computer Zero level Exam 

Indian ordinance factory, Iof chargemen mechanical 2010,2007 previous years solved papers download pdf free                     DOWNLOAD 2010 CHARGEMEN PAPER 

so cheers guys and fire the Exam..   Do Prepare hard 

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National Institute of Design (NID) M. Des. Admission Notifications 2015-2017

National institute of Design is Autonomous body of Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India. NID served for the country to producing world class Designer in the Field of Glass design, Interiar design, Automobile and Transportation Design, Product Desgn, etc.
In recent World research survey NID is the only Design  institute from india to ranked in list.

National Institute of Design (NID) M. Des Admission in Its Three campus 

NID has three campus Ahmadabad, Gandhinagar, and Bangalore, it is the great opportunity for the mechanical engineer to established their career in automobile design field. nid gandhinagar campus offers the M.Design (M.Des) in Transportation and Automobile stream as well as Product Design, and Textile Design. NID conducts the Online design aptitude test in Month of January 2015  

M.Des. Stream Interested for Mechanical Engineer 

  1. Automobile and Transportation Design
  2. Textile Design
  3. Product design
  4. glass design 
  5. Four wheeler Interior Design
Eligibility: Must be Bachelor Degree in Engineering / Technology

Procedure for Applying

Procedure for admissions in M Des Programme is downloading their application form and filling it in offline mode and sending it with required photocopies of  Eligibility certificate    

Application Form Fee: 1500/- for General/OBC  and 750/- for SC/ST/
in form of Demand Draft

NID M. Des. Admission Notifications 2015-2017, mechanical

M. Des. Application Form Download

Applied Thermodynamics by Onkar Singh Download Free Book Pdf

Applied Thermodynamics by Onkar Singh Very Popular book in india as well as south african, asia and Europe Countries it provides the complete treatments of applications of thermodynamics as well as conceptual understandings of energy and exergy system such as Turbine, Heat Exchanger, Nozzle, Internal Combustion Engine, Compressible Flow Analysis. Onkar Singh is the Former Author of Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. He is the Great contributor in Indian Engineering Culture. In This Edition of book. Laungauge is smoothly written with great illustrations without any complexity in paragraph Understandings. Highly Conceptualize Numericals on All most all topic of Thermal Engineering. Questions from competitive Examinations like GATE, IAS, IES, DRDO, ISRO etc. is also Included in Various form Of Multiple and Unsolved Problems.
below is the link for Downloading

applied thermodynamics by onkar singh,download pdf,3rd edition        

DOWNLOAD Book From Drive

Author: Onkar Singh       Format: Pdf    Pages : 977    Edition: Third  New Age Pub

Solution Manual of Fluid Mechanics by FOX and Mcdonald 7th edition download pdf free

The book of Fluid Mechanics by Robert W.Fox and Alan T. Mcdonald Has greatly accepted by many Professor of world level universities. also it is best book considered for cracking the engineering competition examination like GATE, PSUs, Civil Services Examination (IES,IAS). It has great problem solving methodology. when i was in my graduation carrier i searched the solution manual of this book in many times but did'nt find the same in any website for free downloading. so considering this situation here i providing the solution manual of Fluid mechanics by Robert W. FOX Phichard Edition here
This book covers the solution manual of following topics of fluid mechanics

solution manual of fluid mechanics by fox and mcdonald, download pdf, gate solved books, 7th edition

Author: Fox and McDonald                 Format: Pdf  1323 Pages            Instructor Solution Manual                       Pub: Wiley Inc.                     7th Edition

1. Introduction of fluid mechanics 
2. Fundamental concepts
3. Fluid statics
4. Basic equation in integral form for control volume
5. Introduction of Differential analysis of fluid motion
6. Dimensional Analysis and similitude
7. Internal Incompressible viscous flow (Part A Fully Developed Laminar flow, Part B Flow through Pipes)
8, External Incompressible flow
9. Boundary Layer Flow 
10.Fluid flow about immersed bodies
11.Fluid machinery
12.Compressible flow 


Looking for Solution Manual by Fluid Mechanics Crowe and Roberson Download Solution Manual

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SOLUTION MANUAL OF Engineering Mechanics of Solids 2nd Edition by E P. POPOV Pdf download free

Engineering Mechanics of Solids 2nd Edition by Egor P. Popov is very Popular book of mechanics of solid analysis. This book combines and updates two of the author earlier texts, Mechanics of Materials (1976) and Introduction to Mechanics of Solids (1968). This revised supplements the Traditional topics with exposure to some newly engineering Disciplines The solution of this book is Comprehensive in nature and good for advanced learning student as well as Faculty.

This book contain the Solution Manual of Following chapters of this book

solution manual, engineering mechanics of solids by e p popov,download pdf free, phi royal mechanical

                  1.Stress -Axial loads safety concepts

                 1.1 Basic concepts of Stress
                 1.2 stress analysis of axially loaded members 
                 1.3 Deterministic and Probabilistic Design bases

                 2. Axial Strain and Deformation in bars 
                 2.1 Strain calculation in Statically Indeterminate members
                 3 Generalized Hooks law, Pressure Stress Calculation 

   4. Thick and Thin Walled Cylinders

  5. Torsion analysis Problems (Circular and Non Circular)

  6. Axial force, Shear, and Bending Moment
  7. Pure Bending and Bending With Axial force
  8. Transformation of Stress and Strain 
  9. Yield and Fracture Criteria
 10. Deflections of Beams
 10.1 Deflections by Integration
 10.2 Deflections by Moment Area Method
11. Stability of Column : Buckling Problems
12. Design of Columns
13. Energy Methods and Virtual Works Methods
14. Detail analysis of Statically Indeterminate Problems

Author: E.P.Popov(Solution)        Pub: Pearson(Solution)   Format: Pdf in zip          Pages 977

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Engineering Thermodynamics solution manual by R K Rajput Download free in pdf

For the mechanical engineer to do something in their engineer carrier it is must to learn out the basic concept of thermal engineering. here i am posting a famous Indian author book Engineering thermodynamics by R k Rajput. he is the author of several mechanical engineering books including thermal engineering, engineering thermodynamics and other subjects of same branch.

this book contain the basic concepts of thermodynamics, theoretical concept and solution manual of all unsolved problems in winzip format 

engineering thermodynamics by r k rajput, download pdf, thermal science solution manualTitle: Engineering Thermodynamics,Author: R K Rajput,

1. Basic Theoretical concepts of Thermodynamics
2. First law of Thermodynamics solution 
3. Properties of Pure Substance
4. Second law of thermodynamics solution and Entropy calculation 
5. Availability and exergy calculation 
6. Gas power cycles and solution manual
7. Properties of vapour mixtures 
8. Reactive system calculations 
9. Heat transfer
10. Refrigeration cycles 
11. Compressible flow

Title: Engineering Thermodynamics,Author: R K Rajput, Edition: 3rd Format : Pdf in ZIP 
Pages: 877 

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